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Music and interviews from the fringes

Music and interviews from the fringes

Colin Robinson – musician based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

I have been playing guitar, synthesiser and other stuff in bands and studios for most of my life.
I spent a long time in Manchester, living at Graveyard Studios at one point.  I co-formed Big Block 454 in Manchester in the 1980s.

I moved to Hebden Bridge just over 10 years ago and do a lot of recording and filming here.
Most of what I do musically is rather left-field rock, using aleatoric (chance) techniques, found sounds, antique electronica and general junk.

I currently record solo material as Jumble Hole Clough and play live in the Hebden Bridge band Abrasive Pheasants; and Big Block 454 are recording an album as we speak – their first for over 10 years.   I also played in Churn Milk Joan with American Bolton-resident Richard Knutson, until his untimely death in 2020.

My Otto Radio show, “Answers on a Postcard”, will feature my favourite records – so expect Krautrock, Zappa, Funkadelic, Eno, James Brown, King Crimson…
And I’ll be interviewing interesting people on each show, getting their views on aspects of music and art.

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Music and interviews from the fringes

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