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Otto’s Alt Mixtape

Otto's Alt Mix : Eclectic, and a bit eccentric.

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Otto Radio comes to you from the makers of the long running “Round at Milligan’s – Proudly Independent Music Show” (Est. 2011), and shares that show’s mission:

Remember when music was SO important? When you’d get on your bike with your pocket money burning a hole in your pocket and cycle through the rain to the local record shop because you just HAD to buy SOMETHING? Remember going round your mate’s house to hear his new albums and singles? Lovingly crafting a mixtape for someone you were trying to impress?

That’s what Otto Radio is all about. There is still music being made that is THAT good, and we’ve been digging it out, so you don’t have to.

Live presenters playing remarkable music from their personal collections;  and between the live shows, curated, themed mixtapes.

All made exclusively by music obsessives – new tracks in every style plus the best old stuff you never hear elsewhere.

Come and find your new favourite band on Otto Radio.

Wednesday 19:30

Otto’s Alt Mixtape

From the makers of Round At Milligan's.

Wednesday 21:00

Dave’s Music Shed

New music from bands you probably haven't heard of

Wednesday 22:00

Otto’s Alt Mixtape

From the makers of Round At Milligan's.

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Eclectic music based internet radio station :

indie / alternative / ska / reggae / ambient / psych / 60s / americana / acoustic / electronica / punk / spacerock / avant-garde / blues / album tracks / rare tracks / new music (and the best old music you don’t hear on other stations).

Otto's Team

Musician, music obsessive, reluctant songwriter, producer and sound engineer.

She's got a great big pair of tips.

Irreverent middle-aged man who likes new music, old cars and his shed.

She's practically a native Californian.

The Cleaners From Venus frontman.

The Hot Box Hour features music from Chelmsford to Timbuktu, rare Live recordings from the Venue itself and interviews with various personalities. Dave, Denholm and Jon are here to spin you off your normal music habits and hopefully introduce you to something new.

Music and interviews from the fringes

Taking space for women in music - on stages and on air

Playing the FINEST Reggae, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub and Ska

Man of many blues

Drummer, live DJ, traveller, van dwelling punk

Punk, metal and profanity! Music is food for the soul.. and I'm a feeder!

Ello ello ello

Can't remember the '90s so must have been there.

Anxious to please. Hates the spotlight. Unfortunate tendency to see music in binaries.

OTTO Radio

It's a bit different...

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